Nighttime Street Photography

Nighttime Street Photography


One of the greatest advantages of digital photography is that now you can photograph the night like no one ever could before.  Night photography – good night photography – simple could not be done up to a few years ago.  Sure, there was faster film and long exposures, but getting a good night shot was next to impossible.

Street photography used to be exceptionally difficult at night due to the need for a flash, which tended to spook subjects and cast horrible shadows, and make an unnatural image. Movement in low light photos made them difficult for capturing people. Colors were very difficult to get.

But all that has changed.  The sensor chips in the new cameras have made it possible to capture decent photos in very dim light.  Now I find myself shooting in the night and low light as much as I can.  I love how the colors render and even how some images come up in black and white.  Grain is good – noise adds character to a photo in the right conditions and I’m finding that how some cameras deal with noise reduction creates an artistic effect all it’s own.

This gallery of photos was shot with two point and shoot cameras – The handy FUJI x100s and the tiny Sony RX100iii.  Both are small, light, and easy to carry.  They are inconspicuous due to their small size.  Both of these cameras have allowed me to pursue street and nighttime creative shooting as never before.

There’s a whole new world of artistic possibilities in artistic street photography.  Get out and shoot some!

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