Art Museum Illusion

Art Museum Illusion

It amazes me what hate a head cover can produce. Hijabs, yarmulkes, turbans and bonnets. There’s always some creep out there who will hate you for wearing one.  I realize that this photo, unexplained, might evoke fear and revulsion in the reptilian mind of some unevolved viewer.


But this model isn’t an exotic refuge from a far away land. The only refuge she was seeking was from boredom.  She was stuck at home on a crisp, fall afternoon and we did a photo shoot at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The natural lighting comes last, brilliant sunlight of the afternoon.  It was almost directly on the horizon at the time.   ‘What should I do with the scarf?’ she asked.


“Wrap it around your head and be Steve McCurry’s Afghan girl,” I replied.


She rocked it.

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