America IS Great!

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America IS Great!

But there is always room for improvement.

As I reflect on this Fourth of July I’m reminded that what truly makes this country great is the diversity of input to all of elements of your society. There is no place else on earth I’d rather have our little, blended family; A Jewish city boy and Lutheran farm girl raising a Cambodian adoptee to the tenants of Moses, Jesus, the Buddha and whoever else makes sense. It’s a great time and we are in a great place.

Don’t let anyone tell you this is not a great country.  Now let’s get out there and make it even better.

Photo Stuff

I took this shot with a Sony RX100iii point and shoot camera on the Fireworks setting.  The people were illuminated by car headlights just as I shot the fireworks. In Adobe Lightroom, I pushed vibrance and highlight sliders and changed some exposure with the graduated filter. Every time I shoot with the Sony RX100iii, I am astonished by it’s capabilities for such a tiny camera.

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