Chinese Lantern Festival – Low Light Photo Heaven

Chinese Lantern Festival – Low Light Photo Heaven

The 2017 Chinese Lantern Festival ran through May and June at Franklin Square in Philadelphia, PA.  Adjacent to Philadelphia’s historic Chinatown section, this event was open and welcoming to all with static arts, and performances by acrobats, dancers and dragons.  We were lucky enough to bring and visitor from Texas and show off the diversity and beauty of Philadelphia culture – a culture that includes our wonderful Chinatown, which serves as focal point for many Asian peoples.

Click here for the Chinese Lantern Festival Website.

Photo Stuff

Night shooting can be a challenge, but most modern cameras with a fast lens are up to the task.  This photo was made with a Nikon D500 DSLR using a 35mm f1.8 lens.  It’s the fast lens that made it possible.  This technology is getting cheaper and more accessible every day and enhanced night photography is one of my favorite photo genres.

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