That Retro Film Look

That Retro Film Look

Distracted by film of late, I have begun to see the potential for photos everywhere.  In the movie, The Sixth Sense, the young protagonist said, “I see dead people.”

I don’t.  Instead I see dead technologies and I am impressed.  They certainly have their place in today’s world, if only for purists.  Somehow in the space of a couple months, I’ve started experimenting with Nikon, Olympus and Yashica film cameras.  At least I haven’t taken up developing… Yet.  I hope that I can still be an adequate dad as I take this on.

Photo: Longwood Gardens as rendered by a Yashica D 85mm f/3.5 TLR and Kodak film.  Externally metered.  Developed and scanned by The Darkroom.  Adjustments in Lightroom.

Keep your eyes peeled for new film photos interspersed.

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