Festival Food: A Great Intro to a Culture

Festival Food:  A Great Intro to a Culture

I shot this photo at a Cambodian Festival in Philadelphia in the spring of 2017. The booth sold Cambodian and Thai food, but not as I know Thai food from the restaurants that I have been to.  There were salads and colorful drinks that I had never seen before.  When I struck up a conversation with this woman, she told me that was she was Thai, and all about how her grandmother would prepare the same foods that she was offering here, and I a got clearer sense of life and family in Thailand than I had before.

This kind of interaction can help you get to know a people and place, if you are open to it.  Sure, nothing beats traveling to a country, but if you are open to it, there are other ways to get the flavor and maybe you’ll expand your bucket list after doing so.

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