Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

“Kim Kardashian made 17 million dollers off her wedding.Divorced 72 days later & they’re worried about gays ruining the sanctity of marriage?” – @WorldGayPride

About the photo:  This was shot in Philadelphia at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival using a small Nikon D5500 and an inexpensive but very capable 18-55mm kit lens.  I like this camera and lens because it covers the normal range (24-70mm with a 35mm camera) and can handle most shots with authority.

I experimented with the shot in NIK Silver Effects – which is powerful photo processing software by Google, and loved the results.  The final image made me think of the quote above, even though the models were a couple of wonderful random kids who didn’t tell me anything about their lifestyle. It wasn’t an assumption – the quote just fit the closeness of the two in the shot, as they show fierceness, tenderness, hard and soft all in the same look.  Kind of like the things you work through in a good marriage.

Should these two actually be married, lesbian, trans, gay, straight or anything else, well… brava.

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